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In Digital Signage systems always actual contents should be displayed on the screens. Sometimes Network errors, electrical issues, and sometimes changing display settings by an employee causes display errors. . If there are too many locations, it is hard to manage and define the problem of each screen and provide a solution. It requires a seperate team.

Penterus’ experienced Call Center team are especially tentative about LFD monitors in Samsung product family. They can quickly define the problem and decide which team to be conducted. Easy adjustment situations are quickly solved by conducting the related personel.

Our team of specialists can solve the problems, update software or arrange a service for repair by remote contact to displays.

Real time control can be made for your displays that are connected to MagicInfo and PlatPlay softwares and if the display connection is cut displays can be interfered by the signal given by help-desk software.

If you have many screens in many different locations and if you want them to display actual contents all the time you can contact us.